Monday, November 1, 2010

Mr. Begzsuren successfully started to use Skype, so he is a Skype first user from Ulaanbaatar Public Library staffs

I really want to inform this happy news to our DAISY news blog.

Today I installed Skype software and got a account "jbegzsuren" for our future easy calling and communication.
Then I made successful calling with Mrs. Jean from UK, Mr. Tsengel from DAISY Studio at UPL.

Last May, I heard about Skype in the meeting of Public Library Innovation Program, Ljubljana, Slovenia and I had a chance to buy a headphone and microphone at Inch-eon International Airport in October 19th by Korean Air 10th anniversary 10$ gift certificate add my 13$.

If you want to call to me my Skype id is jbegzsuren. I'm a project member on DAISY Talking Books Center of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar Public Library.

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