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Application for Grants – Establishment of DAISY Digital Talking Books Center



  1. Project title:             Establisment of DAISY Digital Talking Books Center


  1. Library / Organization
Name of library / organization 
  • Ulaanbaatar City Public Library (UPL)
  • Talking Book Center (TBC), affiliated to UPL
Legal status of the library / organization
  • Public library
Address UPL, Seoul St-7, Ulaanbaatar-210628, Mongolia

Zip code: 14253
Telephone (976) 7011 5705
Country  Mongolia
URL of the library / organization web site (If applicable)
Project primary contact person Mr. J.Begzsuren (UPL and TBC)

Mr. M.Tsengel (MNFB)
E-mail address of the primary contact (UPL and TBC) (MNFB)
Head of the library/organizationMrs. Ch.Altantsetseg, Deputy Director, UPL


  1. Library statistics

    Total population of the area served by your library
    1. Million
    Average number of users served by your library per day730
    Average number of users served by your library per year227,706
    Number of computers for public usage 13
    Number of full-time staff in your library81
    Number of part-time staff in your libraryn/a
    Number of volunteers in your library1
    Number of computers for staff usage28
    Does your library have internet connection? What type?Fiber optics,

    1 Mbps
    Fiber optics,
    1 Mbps
    Do you charge a membership fee? If so, how much in USD1.0 to 4.0
    Do you charge computer and Internet usage? If so, how much in USDNo
    Last annual library budget (USD)274,5996,100
    Please list source(s) of budget

    A. UPL

    B. Talking Book Center

    (a) from state budget – 222,958 USD

    (b) from the services - 51,539 USD
    Talking Book Center:

    (a) from state budget /Reading Room and salary/ – 5,300

    (b) from donations /books/ - 800
  2. Project summary
Please provide an abstract of the project (idea, target group(s), main activities, and expected results. (Approximately 100 words)

As statistics say, there are currently 130 thousand people with visual impairment in Mongolia, of which 9,400 are partially or totally blind. Approximately 10% of the handicapped are the blind. Unemployment and inflation as well as harsh Mongolian freezing cold weather (-30C) conditions make the living of these people even more difficult.

It is noted that almost 80% of information is obtained by reading and that is why it is much important for the blind people to find alternative ways that can compensate their incapability to bring knowledge through the reading process. One of the most important ways for reaching this goal is the use of audio books. For realising this task, the Ulaanbaatar City Public Library (UPL) set up a special Reading Room for blind persons in 2004. Currently UPL is in the process of developing a national network of libraries to serve blind persons, with services available through public libraries in regional centers and at the major colleges. The Library is now planning the migration from analogue to digital format for its talking book collections.

UPL is searching for new forms of services which could be useful in helping the person with visual impairment gain better access to the larger stocks of information. Much should be done in this regard, including the quality and quantity of recorded materials. The better arranging of the text recording shall reduce the need for human readers for the blind, one of the most important tasks for increasing the possibility of the use of information.



  1. Library and community profile

Please give a brief description of the library, including its most important services and achievements. Please describe the communities that you serve. (Approximately 200 words)

The Ulaanbaatar City Public Library was established in 1980. Today UPL is composed of the Central and 4 branch libraries. By 2009 UPL had over 500,000 books, periodicals, sutras, Braille and large print books, AB materials in Mongolian, Russian and English. 50% of the stock is registered in online catalogue. There are 850 seats and the books could be read both on site as well as loaned for 7 days. Over 665 thousand books and other materials are borrowed to nearly 74 thousand readers and 227 thousand visitors annually. In 2004 jointly with the Mongolian National Federation of the Blind, the library implemented one part of the Asian Development Bank's program on "Increasing Labor Opportunities of the Disabled".

UPL provided a library room free-of-charge for establishing a Talking Book Center, and till presently it covers all the electricity and other utility expenses. Also a salary is paid to the person who is running these services.

  1. Project objectives:

Please explain (based on the evidence on community need assessment) the problems and local needs that the project wants to address. (Approximately 300 words)

There are 743 audio records of 247 titles, 1,263 Braille books of 151 titles, 34 large-prints of 30 titles available to the customers. The new Braille books were donated from the Asian Foundation (USA), and are prepared at the Braille Center of the Mongolian National Federation of the Blind. The audios are recorded in the Audio Center of this Federation. Large prints were donated by the All-Russia Federation of the Blind in 2004. Though the right start was made to help the blind persons in updating their knowledge, much is needed to be done for providing them an opportunity to the better education. Mongolia has 21 provinces and over 300 soums (counties). All of them have Culture Centers and one librarian working for the networking which is much important. Unfortunately, these rural libraries have no materials for the visually impaired persons.

Out of nine thousand people, only 150 are employed in the Occupational and Training Enterprise for the Blind People, 50 are self-employed as singers, musicians and teachers, 80 go to the special secondary school and 40 are studying in colleges. Presently the major way of information access for these people is the human reading which is not available to the majority and not persistently.

The purpose of this project is to introduce a highly efficient and new for Mongolia content-creation technology that is the Digital Talking Book prepared on DAISY. It is greatly hoped that the implementation of this project will establish a firm foundation for the continuous skill development training for adults, help the children and teens to be more self-esteemed and, in general, encourage all to be more enthusiastic in looking for the information that could factually increase their living standards.

See Tip sheet: Needs Assessment

  1. Target group(s)

Who are the beneficiaries of the project and how will they be involved in the development of services? (Approximately 100 words)

All the partially and totally blind persons are the target groups of this project. The major problem of working with these people is the difficulty of connecting them. This is especially uneasy if their dwellings are located in the city outskirts or in the rural settlements. Once the content will become possible to be created digitally, we will organize an Internet seminar to instruct the librarians in all 21 provinces and 300 counties, as well as at major colleges on the use and dissemination of DAISY-made audio materials. Also an agreement should be made with the National Postal Authority on the process of delivery to the provinces. Of much importance is the provision in the Social Welfare Law that the mail for the blind should be delivered to any distance within the country free-of-charge.

Also the currently existing system of inter-library loan will be intensively utilised for the exchange of materials with district and college libraries within the capital city area.


  1. Partners

Please describe the role of your partners in the project. (Approximately 100 words)

Established in 1978, the Mongolian National Federation of the Blind (MNFB) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. Its purpose is to assist the members to gain access in education and acquire employment opportunities; running cultural, sporting and charity events; protecting the rights of members and of the blind population; and supporting the further involvement of the blind in normal social life.

In 2008, MNFB activities included the Rehabilitation and Training Center for the Blind; the Braille and Talking Books Publishing Center; the "Best Massage" Chain; and "Best FM 98.5", all aiming to improve the well-being of the blind. MNFB also has specialized branches, with separate councils for youth, women, senior citizens, sports and cultural activities. Each council has 5-7 members, all appointed by the MNFB Governing Board for a four-year term.

Mr. M.Tsengel, an IT Instructor of the Federation's Rehabilitation and Training Center, took part in the seminar named "DAISY for All - International Training Trainers" organized by DAISY Consortium in Bangkok, May 2008. During the seminar the major player software called AMIS (Adaptable Media Information System), as well as recording programs (SigtunaDAR3 and MyStudioPC) were introduced. In case if the project is approved, he will serve as the major expert in introducing DAISY in Mongolia.

  1. Project work plan
Please outline the project workplan – main activities and duration of the activity. Please remember that this will be a 1 year project starting April 2010 and finishing March 2011. Please feel free to present the project workplan in another format such as a chart.

Activity Time frame 
  1. Ordering the required equipment, installation and training when received
01.04-2010- 01.05.2010

  1. Re-designing of the room in the library (UPL) for meeting the DAISY recording requirements


  1. Preparation of the detailed planning, editing of scenarios and the announcement of the vacancy on the Sighted Reader (and hiring).



  1. Training of the hired Sighted Reader as well as the volunteer students on
    Software (My studio PC) and Hardware (PLEXTALK Portable CD recorder)



  1. Based on the opinion poll among the blind persons, start creating DAISY digital books for kids, as well as various inquiries, manuals on foreign languages, history, use of computer, etc.


  1. Prepare the stock of digital books and start duplicating CDs
  1. Include DAISY books in the library stock and OPAC and make it known to all the branches as well as in the province and college libraries


  1. Official opening of the Digital Talking Books Center.
    Advertise on public media.

  1. Prepare an audio manual and conduct training courses among 300 persons while using the reading devices

  1. Operate moving library to serve the workers of the Rehabilitation and Training Center for the Blind and the students of the special school No 116.


  1. Start organizing services for the blind people living in rural areas (via the rural libraries network and MNFB branches)

  1. Conduct Book Fairs where the meeting with authors will be organized
Twice a year


  1. Conduct public opinion poll through the "Librarians" journal on the topics of DAISY books to be created
  1. Publicity of the project and the digital books during the International White Cane Day, in cooperation with MNFB.



  1. In the framework of the MNFB's Volunteers Program organize activities for increasing the number of sighted readers.


  1. Project results

Please describe the social and economic benefits to the target group(s) as a result of this project. (Approximately 200 words)

The social and economic benefits followed after the implementation of the project are enormous. Take just one example. Currently the blind people have only one place where they can work and get income. This is the Occupational and Training Enterprise for the Blind People located in the capital city which employs nearly 150 persons. Another 50 persons are working individually. Thus just 2% of the total number of the blind has job opportunities and 98% have to rely on their family members or the relatives during this difficult period of economic recession and skyrocketed inflation. The hardships of the current economic situation dictate that every member of the family shall contribute to the benefit for others.

It is hoped that DAISY books, much of which prepared as talents improvement manuals, will tremendously encourage these people because the knowledge can bring exciting changes while motivating and fostering passionate approach. Of great importance are also the changes that may happen in the social psychology because the blind people will become deeply knowledgeable in some areas and able to serve as the carriers of information, provide consultancy and give advice on specific issues within the local communities.
  1. Dissemination and promotion

Please describe how will you attract people to use the service and how will you disseminate the information about the new service(s). (Approximately 200 words)

One of the most efficient ways of making others being attracted to the issues that are new and not being practiced before is the demonstration of the best examples. For this purpose, the national radio and TV, as well as FM channels could be used extensively. If these encouraging examples of the people who achieved success while listening DAISY books are broadcast and published nationwide, not only the blind themselves but also the people around will feel happier, become more aware of their needs and start thinking of their contributions in further developing these kinds of services.

Another way of disseminating information about the new services is the networking through the Internet. All the products that have been created and are going to be issued soonest should be made known to the local librarians who in turn shall announce about this to their customers. An important task of these librarians should be the survey made among the people who come for the service. In other words, during the 1-year period of the project implementation, a profound survey of the needs and demands should conducted through the "answer-to-question" querries, the results of which shall be taken into account when planning the content of the books/manuals for the next year.

  1. Project management team. Please add cells if needed.
1 Name Mrs. Ch.Altantsetseg (Project Coordinator) 
Current position Deputy Director, UPL 
Education and training, project related skills Master Degree of Library Sciences,

Cultural University
Responsibilities within the project team Coordination of all the partners, supervision of the activities 
2 Name Mr. J.Begzsuren (IT Advisor)
Current position IT Manager, UPL
Education and training, project related skillsBachelor, Mongolian State University
Responsibilities within the project team Advising in the selection and maintenance of the project equipment

Name Mr. M.Tsengel (DAISY Expert)
Current position IT Instructor of the Federation's Rehabilitation and Training Center, Mongolian National Federation of the Blind
Education and training, project related skills Took part in the seminar named "DAISY for All - International Training Trainers" organized by DAISY Consortium in Bangkok, May 2008.
Responsibilities within the project team Daily guidance of the Project implementation as an DAISY expert
 2Name To be hired (Sighted Reader)
Current position - 
Education and training, project related skills - 
Responsibilities within the project teamA sighted reader to work on creating Digital Books
  1. Project budget
Please provide a detailed budget, including other funding sources if applicable. Ensure that the total amount matches the project budget overview and details sections. Budget should be in USD.

10.1 Expenses
Price for unit 
Total USD 
Book sense – DAISY player

(DHL shipping cost included)
40 pcs
Plextalk PTR2 - Digital book recorder

(DHL shipping cost, insurance and handling charges included)
2 pcs
Booksense and Plextalk's bank transfer charges
PC for the Digital Studio 
1 pc 
PC for the Office 
1 pc 
Staff and administration 
IT Advisor
DAISY Expert
Sighted Reader
Contracted services (Consultants, Speakers, technical support, etc.) 
Digital (Audio) Studio designing

/salary included/
Survey (public opinion)
Project related travel costs 
Add item 
Other cost (resources, marketing, etc) 
Add item 
  1. Sources of funding

Amount USD 
Total of requested funds* 30,000

List any other contribution (in-cash) if applicable
Add item
Total project budget from all sources 
*The total of requested funds must not exceed $30.000 USD.

  1. In-kind contributions:
Please list any in-kind contributions.

  • The Students' Volunteer Club that supports the blind persons mostly in reading the books
  • UPL's contribution by providing another room for the DAISY Book Studio
  • UPL's support in regulating public relations and managerial tasks
  • Mongolian National Federation of the Blind will cover the travel cost of the Seminar participants-Federation members (as they are arriving from the provinces to take part in the annual meeting to celebrate the International White Cane Day in mid-October)
  • Ulaanbaatar City Public Library will cover the travel cost of the Seminar participants-librarians (as they are arriving from the provinces to take part in the annual meeting to the National Book Fair in mid-November)
  1. Budget narrative
It is very important that your budget be clear to the selection committee. Briefly describe each budget item here.

The budget is supposed to be used for the following:

  1. TRAINING/SEMINAR for the branch representatives of the Mongolian National Federation of the Blind as well as the college and rural librarians on the use of DAISY books.

  1. Salary of the Project Implementation Team

  2. OPINION POLL SURVEY for proper planning the topics/subjects of digital books that will be created, which is important for better meeting the needs of the customers.

  3. DIGITAL TALKING BOOKS' PREPARATION: A set of equipment for (a) recording and (b) editing.

  1. USE OF DIGITAL BOOKS: Sets of devices (totally 40 pcs) that are needed for listening in the DAISY Digital Talking Reading Room (19 pcs) located in UPL, as well as in the Specialized School No 116 (1 pc), the MNFB (1 pc), the Rehabilitation Center of the Blind (1 pc), the Occupational and Training Enterprise for the Blind (1 pc) and in all the province administrative center libraries (21 pcs).

  2. STUDIO DESIGNING for it being well-fit to the acoustics requirements.

  3. BOOKS (CDs) DUPLICATION for the dissemination to the specialized secondary school No 116 (for the blind children), major colleges and 21 aimag/300 soum (rural township) libraries.





By signing below, I declare that all statements in the application are accurate and complete.

Signature of authorized representative:


Date: 19 February, 2010
Please print your name: Ch.Altantsetseg (Mrs)

Title: Deputy Director, Ulaanbaatar City Public Library, Mongolia


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